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This place suck.

www.enny-lee.blogspot.com :D

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Angel angel please look after him for me..

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 I just want you to know
No matter where you go
It doesn't matter cuz you're still in my heart

Thinkin of you brings tears to my eyes
I'm so confused
Wonderin why, how could you leave without sayin' goodbye?
Picture your smile inside of my head
Miss you so much
I pray every night
That the Angels are watching and treating you right

Memories keep holding me down
Theres just no fun when your not around
Dont know what to do
Now I'm faced with the truth
Somehow I thought that we would always be

Yesterday night when I was about to sleep, I looked out the window & saw a very bright star. While looking at it memorise of Bi flashed back into my head.

I remember him bringing Ginger down to my house ( Before I move to Hougang ) using a shortcut which he only takes about 5minutes to reach my house. He always want me to learn how to use the shortcut & go meet him rather than he always came down to meet me. But I refuse to learn. Haha. 

I remember once when I saw him from far. I sms-ed him & he replied me 
" I watching Ginger shit. " 

I remember always saw him at Bedok Inter when I was about to go home. & always tell him after I got in the bus.

I remember asking him to come Hougang fishing when I just moved here. But he refuse. He always say
"Hougang fish so small"

Recalling him.. Every single thing about him.. His smile & the way he talk & walk.. I wish to dump into him again. This time if I really dumped into him again. I will hug him tighty and don't let go no matter what. Even for only just 1 minute. I want to tell him how much I love him.. I don't want him go...

I say I will keep you forever in my heart.
But how long is forever?

I just keep tearing & trying hard to sleep. Suddenly ( dream or what ) I feel you around me. Touching my head and told me not to be sad. Your voice was so gently and soft. I feel so safe & fall asleep..

How true the feeling was. I really miss you, I really wanted you back.
you should be fishing now..
asking Ginger to seat.

Bi I miss you...
I miss you..
I miss you..
I never forget you. I never...

I changed away your picture on my desktop & handphone.
Because I know no matter how much I miss you, I still need to move on with my life..
But your picture is still in my mind. No matter how hard I try to think of other things, there is always a you inside...

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